agreement; accord; harmonious relations.
agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

Hello my name is Jayson Argento and I live in Vermont, USA. This website intends to bring awareness to the world as to how human conflict happens, how it can be avoided, and most importantly…Abolished!

I believe some of the contributing factors of human conflict are Culture, Religion, Science, Psychology, Resources, and Economics.

Evolution tells us our species made it incredibly important for the individual to survive above all else. Without survival there is no procreation. without procreation there are no children. Without children there is no us. When we feel threatened we neglect our belief in “the sanctity of human life” often considerations for others can break down and some of the world’s most terrible atrocities can transpire.

It’s all about fear. Fear of what? Death? No? maybe? Yes?… fear of not being alive? fear of not existing? The need to exist is of paramount importance to all of us. It is cemented into our genetics. Science tells us it’s been 3 billion years since the first single celled organism struggled to survive. If you are religious then it’s thousands of years of protecting yourself, your family, your town, your country and your allies. Either way, science or religion, we all answer the need to survive. Perhaps we are just putting too much importance on our own lives. That’s crazy huh? however, there would certainly be less fighting if we all didn’t think it was so important to stay alive. that’s interesting isn’t it? A bit ironic?

So why don’t we all just drop our weapons, be friends, and work together? why don’t we understand that THEY can be reasoned with just like WE would listen if THEY would stop hating us. Well, what if THEY don’t drop their guns? What if they’re tricking us? Seems as though if we didn’t feel it was so important to be alive and that death was so terrible that we would all be more willing to take the chance… the chance for global harmony.

Let’s say hypothetically we all agree to just decide to be at peace and listen to each other, and tolerate each others differences, and respect each others culture and religion. how long will that last? At the rate humans are consuming the earth’s resources it won’t be too long before someone’s going to need that last barrel of oil or last bottle of water. wont that cause conflict again?

And… what about language barriers? What about hate? What about borders? what about upbringing? What about our children’s safety? What about our possessions? Our values? Our hopes and dreams?… dreams?… can people become hostile because of their dreams?

Well THEY are wondering and worrying and dreaming about the same things WE are.  Why can’t we just all take a deep breath, drop our arms to our sides, smile and be the people we all say we want to be…. people at peace.

This website will address all these points in depth and I’m sure will uncover many more. It is a work in progress, and of the utmost importance… or is it? Well if life wasn’t so important to us why would peace matter at all? Peace may be a paradox.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and theories. I will not censor your words if they are relevant to the topic. I only request that you try to approach this as a chance to make it all harmonious. let this be a place where you allow yourself to drop your prejudices, your hate, your anger, and just try to understand one another.

If you see something that is inaccurate please let me know and I will research it and change it. I want this to be a place where we can all learn about each other accurately.

Truth, honor, humanity, harmony.