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If you voted for Trump… Look at me, as a woman, and tell me how you cast your vote for someone who …

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Trump’s acceptance speech sounded more like he won an Emmy. And playing “you can’t always get what you want” after his speech …

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Question: How Are Oil Prices Determined? Answer: Commodity traders are responsible for oil prices by bidding on oil futures contracts. These contracts …

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The theory of evolution grows out of common sense and a simple hypothesis. Common sense shows that living things within a species …

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A brief overview of the Theory of Evolution and how it has evolved. Evolution is a scientific theory that essentially states species change …

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Water – the essential ingredient for life on this planet – is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. According to the World Bank …

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The global economy binds together the fate of the international community and all its member nations. It precludes the possibility of a …

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All signs point to 2012 witnessing an acceleration of the negative economic and fiscal metrics that plagued advanced and major emerging economies …

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• Two planets need by 2030 at this rate, warns report • Humans using 30% more resources than sustainable The world is …