Donald Trump is President of the United States

donald-trump-make-america-greatTrump’s acceptance speech sounded more like he won an Emmy. And playing “you can’t always get what you want” after his speech makes it very hard for me to try and be positive. The speech wasn’t too bad as his speeches go. Actually he said better things than I have ever heard him say.

 Perhaps in an attempt to unite everyone? Is that even possible to be his intent? Maybe during the campaign Trump saw a niche to draw upon. Maybe he hired someone we don’t even know or haven’t seen that said you need to appeal to the worst in this country. Not meaning the people are the worst. But, the worst traits. Fear, hatred, selfishness. I doubt trump is suddenly a good person, his friendlier speech aside.
I do believe he has unknowingly acquired a bunch of handlers that will bother him hourly. Every president except maybe Bush jr, who was clueless, has said how different and difficult it is to actually be president. For sure Trump is a terrible role model. But children can see people as what not to be like too. I for one am nothing like how I was raised. Maybe this is a blessing. Because maybe America wasn’t ready to excel to the next level. Clearly a bunch of people weren’t on board. Maybe “they” needed to “get what they want”. If anything, I know this. In four years we will be electing a Bernie sanders type candidate. Again Trump’s song choice after his acceptance speech was “you can’t always get what you want.” Well, I say to Trump supporters, “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”
-Jayson Argento

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