What Makes a Person Truly Happy

How to Understand what Makes a Person Truly Happy

It’s obvious by looking at different statuses of people that money and external things are not what make people happy. Of course it can make life more comfortable, but money alone can’t alleviate all of our problems and make people truly happy. Many people base being happy upon external factors. They develop ideas that when they achieve this or gain that, then they will be truly happy in their lives. Unfortunately, the happiness that comes with these things seems to be temporary and it’s not long before they start saying the phrase “I’ll be happy when….” I too have fallen into this way of thinking and came to find myself wondering “when will I be truly happy?” I started to notice that there are people who always seem to be happy no matter what was going on, and I found myself wondering, what makes them so different from me. Are they just born with a happiness gene that I was missing? Are they more worthy of being happy than I am? What is the deal here? Luckily, I have learned what truly makes a person happy. Here are some ways to take personal responsibility for your happiness through managing a positive attitude. The best news is that doing this will cost nothing to develop or maintain!

WATCH YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: THEY ARE SELF-DEFEATING AND ROB YOU OF BEING TRULY HAPPY Many of us have developed habitual negative thoughts about ourselves and of everything around us. Some people have developed this so concretely, that all you seem to hear from them is their negative views on every topic that arises. Negative thoughts and behaviors will not make people happy. The thing is; negativity breeds negativity. Negative thoughts end up creating negative habits that then lead to negative outcomes. This can end up a self defeating cycle that holds you back from being happy.

REDIRECT YOUR FOCUS FROM THE NEGATIVE Realize that not everything is all negative; and the negative side of a situation is not the entire truth. For every negative you focus on, there is also at least one positive to be found within any situation. Focusing more on the positives rather than fixating on the negatives helps people to create an outcome that makes those people happy. Seeking positives provides them with the attitude they need to overcome the negatives of the situation. Just as negative thoughts create negative outcomes, the power of a positive attitude and seeing positive potentials can drive one to redirect their efforts in creating positive outcomes that can make a person happy.

DEVELOP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO HELP YOU BE TRULY HAPPY Direct your focus away from the negatives and more towards the positives. When you focus on the positives, you naturally stimulate your brain with its’ own happiness chemicals. Our neurotransmitters respond to and produce various emotional responses in the brain and body based upon our thoughts and behaviors. Some typical neurotransmitters/ chemicals in the brain include Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Endorphins. When we view things in a negative perspective the amount of these neurotransmitters that are created in the brain will decrease; which keeps the mind and body in a state of melancholy, negativity, anxiety, pain, illness and even depression. On the other hand, having a positive attitude and seeking positive outcomes will activate more of these neurotransmitters in the brain, signaling the brain and body to feel truly happy and positive, which energizes the body and allows more blood flow to the muscles to help reduce anxiety, pain and illnesses.

TRAIN YOURSELF TO DEVELOP POSITIVE HABITS THAT HELP LEAD TO BEING HAPPY When you find yourself faced with a situation that brings about negative thoughts and bad feelings, take time to acknowledge and assess those feelings. Then look at the situation from all angles too seek an equally true and positive thought to work from. This doesn’t mean that you go into denial about the negative of the situation; it just means that you choose to pay more attention to the positive part of the situation and how to improve it. Seeking positive situations and outcomes is what leads to being truly happy in life. Say, for instance, that you feel defeated with your job and are weighed down with all kinds of negatives about your job, your duties, your co-workers, your boss, etc. Take time to re-evaluate everything in your job. If you take the time to do so, I’m sure you’ll find a few positives that you can choose to focus on in order to make your work days more pleasant. If not, then focus on a positive outcome by considering what you can do to find something that you truly would enjoy or that would improve the situation for you. Use this technique for any negative situations and thoughts that arise about yourself, your home, your family, your relationships, etc. This is how you can become truly happy!

Tips & Warnings
Negative thoughts fester and grow into more negative outcomes.

Find positives, that are true within situations that arise.

Don’t use denial as a form of positive thinking. Denial will produce it’s own form of negative outcomes.


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